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Make a Planning Application online

North Norfolk District Council accepts online Planning Applications made through the Planning Portal website.   The Planning Portal service allows you to create and pay for a site location map, fill in application forms, attach plans, documents and photos etc to the application, and to submit and pay for it online. 

You will have to register with the Planning Portal, but this will allow you to save and return to applications in progress.  If you cannot provide plans in PDF format you can fill in and send the application form online, and send paper copies of some or all of the accompanying documents and drawings by post.

Planning Portal - Making an online application. 

Submitting Reports, drawings and other supporting Information with your online application.

File Size:

  • No individual file should exceed 3MB.
  • For a complex application with many drawings, please submit the files on a CD.


  • Please submit drawings in PDF format.  Select the correct papersize, allowing for the 0.5cm margin which pdf rendering requires. (This is to ensure that measuring tools can be used to provide accurate dimensions.)
  • All major dimensions should be specified on the drawings.
  • Drawings should include a scale and calibration scale.
  • Site Plans should be at a scale of 1:1250 for most applications. On some large applications, and to ensure that sufficient surround area is included, a scale of 1:2500 would be acceptable. As far as possible the site plan should be on A4 size and oriented to portrait with an arrow marking the north.
  • All other drawings should be labelled clearly to explain the scheme, date, version number etc in line with the RIBA code.

Digital Photos:

  • PDF or JPG (Jpeg) format

Letters, Reports etc:

  • Submit as MS Word files (doc) or pdf.
  • Do not zip the files together or create an exe as these files may mask a virus.

Naming Conventions for Drawing Files:

  • Prefix the name with a 3 digit order number starting 001, followed by a brief description.  This will help in describing the drawing for the web display.

Sample Drawing Descriptions:

  • Single Sheet with all plans and elevations as proposed  e.g.  plans_and_elevations_proposed.pdf
  • Single Sheet with all plans and elevations as existing
  • Site Plan
  • Block Plan
  • Floor Plans e.g. 001_floor_plans.pdf
  • Elevation
  • Cross Sections
  • RoofPlans
  • Landscape Plans
  • Drainage Plans
  • Environmental Assessment plans
  • Traffic Plans