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Planning Searches

This page contains information on making a comment on or objecting to a planning application, and links to searches for:  NNDC Planning Applications, Appeals and Enforcements,  NNDC Tree Works applications and TPOs, Norfolk County Council planning applications,  and  National Infrastructure projects. 

SEARCH HERE / COMMENT on a planning application


  • Simple Search
    whether you are searching for planning applications, appeals or enforcements.
    Do not use the old style reference e.g. PLA/20051234 here, use the Advanced Search, alternate reference for that.
    The address search is very fussy and requires that the address or part address including commas, be an exact match.
    Try the search using the street name only or ‘street name, town name’. If you see the house name or number in the results you can refine your search using that.
    We don't advise using the postcode to search as you may not find all historical information for a site.
  • Advanced Search
    Alternative Reference
    is the old style reference like PLA/19992345 or the planning portal reference PP-NNNNNNNN. For Enforcement cases the old style reference is of the form 01/083/DEV6/99/007.
    Address - works best by choosing the parish and typing the street name into address.
  • Map Search
    Remember to choose the time period for your search.
    For cases prior to 29/10/2009 the map search will give you the most comprehensive set of results.
    Once you are zoomed right in, use the select arrow and click the polygon you are interested in. A list of nearby applications will replace the map. You can click the description of a result and be taken to the particular case details.
    Often the list will include applications for developments which cover multiple plots of land in an area – such as pipelines, cable routes and advertisements. The polygons for these applications will not show up on the online map.
  • Wild Cards
    You can use % as a wild card if you don’t know all the characters. In the address searches you must type at least 5 characters. Postcode searches have been disabled because historic records don’t have many recorded. However you may get an error message about postcodes if you enter a string of 5 or less characters and nothing matches.
  • IDOX Public Access User Notes (pdf 31 pages) and IDOX Public Access User Notes for Consultees (pdf 39 pages) were written by our software provider.  Be aware that the notes were written for councils using a property based back office system. We work spatially, so any features using postcode or address based searches may not find all historical information for a site.

You can see details of planning applications from 1974, scanned decision notices from 1988, and plans and accompanying documents for applications registered from 1st August 2005.  For copies of decision notices prior to 1988, please write to the Planning Department at the Council Offices, Holt Road, Cromer, Norfolk NR27 9EN or e-mail your request, including the planning application reference, to

  • Appeals
    Unfortunately cases show up in this list when there has not been an appeal.
  • Comments( ) - Summary of Responses
    For cases received prior to May 2012 the results displayed are not a true record of the paper file of the application. For applications received before the 29th October 2009 the summary of responses numbers will usually be zero, even though you might see the comments of interested parties who have responded online.
  • Comments - Making a Comment
    You can make comment during the consultation period but you must be logged in. Note that your submission details do NOT IMMEDIATELY appear on the website - this can take two or more days after you make a comment online. Despite the words on the commenting page (which we can't alter), your address and comment WILL appear online.
  • Comments - Consultee Comments
    For consultations prior to October 2013 Consultees are likely to show as not having responded, even though they have.
    Consultees, once logged in and through your IDOX PA inbox, you can either type your comments in or attach a document – but not both!
  • Constraints Tab
    For applications registered before 29th October 2009, the constraints codes do not translate into text.
  • Consultation expiry date is 21 days after the latest of the Site Notice Date and Press date.
  • ‘Decided’ applications
    To find out whether the application has been refused or approved, look under the Details tab, then choose Further Information under Decision.
  • Decision Level
    Members - Decision will be made by the relevant Development Control Committee.
    Delegated - Decision will be made by a Planning Officer.
  • Documents
    Note that application documents, do not appear on the website immediately - this may take two or more working days.
  • Drawings / Plans
    Images of most scaled drawings received since the 1st May 2010 may be measured using Adobe Reader extensions. You may need to set Adobe Reader on your PC so that you view the drawing through that and not the browser. Instructions are in this brief guide to using the measuring tool See also the more general Planning Portal guide.
  • Enforcements
    You can view skeleton details of enforcement cases where an enforcement notice has been issued. Some notices are available online.

Making a comment or objecting to a planning application

Comments on a planning application should be made within 21 days of the latest of the Press Date or the Site Notice date.  Despite the words on the commenting page (which we can't alter), your address and comment WILL appear online and all details will be available for viewing at the Council offices. Note that submission details do not appear on the website immediately - this can take two or more working days after you make a comment online.

In your comment, please make clear whether you support or object to the proposal, giving your reasons. ONLY comments about planning issues can be considered.

  • Planning Issues include:
    amenity, appearance of the development, conservation, design, effect on wildlife, highway safety, historic buildings, loss of light or privacy, noise, overshadowing of your home, traffic and parking issues
  • Issues which CANNOT be taken into account include: 
    boundary disputes, construction noise, effect on property values, loss of view, private rights

You can make a comment or object in three ways:

  1. using the SEARCH HERE / COMMENT on a planning application  link to select the application.
    * Login - you will need to register first - consultees will see a different screen when they login.
    * Choose comments and the 'make a comment' tab, fill in the fields as required.
    Comments made online using the form will be acknowledged and you do not need to telephone or email us to make sure that we have received the comment.
  2. E-mailing your comments to
  3. sending your comments via regular mail to Planning Section, North Norfolk District Council, Council Offices, Holt Road, Cromer, NR27 9EN

For email or postal comments, please include:

  • the reference number of the planning application, or the exact address of the site, if you don't know the reference number,
  • your comments - 
  • your name, address and contact details, as anonymous comments do not carry any weight.

Search Tree Works Applications and Tree Preservation Orders

Search the Tree Works Register and Tree Preservation Order Register for details of tree preservation orders (TPOs) created since 1952, as well as applications for:

  • works to trees which are covered by Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)  from 1952
  • works to trees in Conservation Areas from 2008
  • works to trees related to planning applications from 2008

Note that no documents are available in the search results.

The TPO search is accessed from the bottom of the first screen.

Weekly Lists
You can use the search above to search on the weekly list date to bring up all applications received in the previous week.
A weekly list of tree works applications is now available at the end of the weekly list of planning applications on the weekly list page.

County Planning Applications & National Infrastructure Projects

Search Norfolk County Council Planning Applications 

Norfolk County Council handles Minerals and Waste applications for the whole of Norfolk. Use the link above to search for county applications and select District North Norfolk.

National Infrastructure Planning - look at progress on major infrastructure projects in England and Wales.


Copyright Plans, drawings and material submitted to the Council are protected by the Copyright Act (Section 47, 1988 Act).

  • You may only use material which is downloaded and/or printed, for consultation purposes, to compare current applications with previous schemes and to check whether developments have been completed in accordance with approved plans.
  • Further copies must not be made without the prior permission of the copyright owner, (the applicant/ agent/ architect).
  • You may, however, make copies of decision notices and reports provided the copies are not altered in any way.

Please note that some of the electronic drawings are large files, in excess of 2Mb's. Unless you have a broadband Internet link, these files will take approximately 20 minutes or more to download.