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Find my Local Councillor

This page tells you about your District and County Councillors - you can search for:

Your local Councillor can help you in a number of ways. You can contact him or her if you feel unhappy with the services provided by the District Council, or if you would like some action to be taken on issues affecting your local community or the District as a whole. If you are not sure if your query or concern is the responsibility of the District Council you can still contact your Councillor who will, if necessary pass your comments on to the relevant body.

The District Council is made up of 48 Councillors who represent the 34 Wards into which the North Norfolk District is divided. Each Ward elects its Councillor(s) once every four years.

The Council which was elected on 5th May 2011 is made up of 27 Conservatives, 17 Lib Dems, two UKIP members and two independent members.

Once every four years residents of the District also elect 11 Councillors to Norfolk County Council to represent the interests of the residents of the District. The next District Council election will be held in May 2015 at which time many residents will also have the opportunity to elect representatives to their local Parish Council.

  • The Leader of the Council is Tom FitzPatrick
  • The Chairman of the Council is Trevor Ivory 
  • The Vice Chairman of the Council is Annie Claussen-Reynolds
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Meeting dates
There are a number of Committees operating within the District Council. To find out dates of meetings, view the Programme of NNDC Committee Meetings.

County Councillors
Details of County Councillors can be found on the Norfolk County Council website.